DPC Spotlight: Impact Family Wellness

DPC Spotlight: Impact Family Wellness

From Cedar Park, Texas, Impact Family Wellness has over 24 years of combined experience and was voted top family practice by Hill Country News. Monica, Joanna, and Katie are all certified Family Nurse Practitioners and have spent almost three years dedicated to making their patients feel like family. Here’s what one patient has to say:

“I love Impact Family Wellness and would recommend it to anyone. You get the whole package at this office; medical professionals who care about getting to know their patients, are extremely knowledgeable in medicine, and quick to respond when you have questions or need advice. Thank you for always being attentive and offering a great experience!” -Velvet Bennett

If you’re in Texas, check them out !

What is your mission as a DPC?

The mission of Impact Family Wellness is to provide a judgment-free environment where we can take care of our members as we would our own family. After spending 10 years in the insurance-based healthcare system, I was burnt out and not sure I could do it for another 30 years. I found the DPC model and instantly was hooked. It has been the best decision of my career.

What is the best part about being a DPC?

I get to take care of my patients how they should be, not how an insurance company dictates.

What makes your DPC practice special?

Our entire practice is staffed by family nurse practitioners that truly care about each and every one of our patients.

What is the number-one way you are improving healthcare for your patients?

Listening . . . it’s what healthcare is missing. When we actually listen to what the patient has to say, outcomes will improve.

How has pairing DPC and Zion Health improved your patient’s healthcare?

My patients aren’t afraid of healthcare outside my office with Zion. They know they will be covered should they need medical care.

What has been your experience partnering with Zion Health so far?

Exceptional. My patients not only don’t complain about Zion, but they sing their praises. Much different from the typical insurance company.

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