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In less than four years, Zion HealthShare has grown to about 40,000 members! Our membership size makes Zion HealthShare one of the largest sharing organizations available today. Of those sharing organizations, we are proud to be rated the highest and growing the fastest. In light of our outstanding growth, I would like to discuss three questions that many of our members might have

1. Why is Zion HealthShare growing at such a fast pace?

Our members are the number one reason for our remarkable growth. Since the beginning, satisfied members have spread the word about Zion HealthShare. We keep members happy by listening to them and working to find solutions for what they need now and in the future. We are committed to keeping our members healthy and happy, and we are doing our best to make sure that Zion HealthShare is around to fulfill our commitment for many years to come.

One solution we created to better serve our members is the Medical Advocacy team, which launched early this year. The program has become very popular, and our team has helped many members get white glove service for finding providers, scheduling serv ices, and instantly sharing medical expenses with the community.

Another reason Zion HealthShare is growing so quickly is that we are all-inclusive. Our community is made up of individuals with various belief systems, but we all come together in support of the Principles of Membership. This common commitment opens the door wide to members who believe in helping others in their time of need.

2. Can we keep up with the demand?

Medical cost sharing is becoming more popular and sharing organizations are experiencing rapid growth; however, many have had a hard time keeping up with the sudden administrative burden associated with sharing.

As noted earlier, Zion HealthShare has experienced explosive growth. Not only do we expect that pace to continue, we are ready for the increased administrative work this growth will bring. Currently, our turnaround time is faster than any other sharing organization. We process medical needs within two weeks—with most processed the same day! Even with 40,000 members, we have been able to maintain this sharing timeline. No other large sharing organization comes close. It’s no wonder that our members love sharing with us.

Since we love happy members, we will continue to share medical bills among the community quickly. We will also continue to look for ways to improve our processes and make the member experience even better!

3. Is Zion HealthShare too small or new to trust?

Many became members with Zion HealthShare when we were just getting started, and we are deeply grateful that those early members trusted us. We are earning our members’ trust each day as we process medical needs quickly and provide excellent service.

As mentioned earlier, in less than four years we have become one of the largest sharing organizations. We continue to bring new capabilities that have not been used in other sharing organizations, such as the Medical Advocacy team’s white glove services and instant sharing of preventive and surgical needs.

Zion HealthShare is health care sharing reimagined. That means that we will continue to look at how we share in medical bills and work to improve in the most innovative and effective ways possible. Can another sharing organization say the same?

Nathan Udy
President, Zion HealthShare

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