What is Open Enrollment?

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Open Enrollment, which runs from November 1 – January 15 this year, is the period of time when people are free to leave their health insurance plans and embrace the unique advantages of a HealthShare community. Now, you have the perfect opportunity to evaluate your healthcare strategy for the upcoming calendar year and decide if the switch to a community-driven option best suits you and your family’s needs. If you are already a member of Zion HealthShare, why not let your friends know about this opportunity. 

What is a HealthShare, and Why Choose Us? 
A HealthShare, or medical cost sharing community, is a group of people who agree to share in one another’s medical expenses. They are not insurance, but rather an effective alternative to health insurance. 

Zion HealthShare has reimagined the cost sharing experience, making it simpler, more accessible, and easier to use. There is no provider network, so our members can keep their physician, or work with our medical advocacy team to find the best care at the lowest price. Additionally, we offer international sharing to help relieve the stress of travel. 

We offer unlimited sharing, without annual or lifetime sharing caps, and may even share in the cost of alternative treatments. These and other features are what helped us become the fastest growing, most highly rated HealthShare in the country. 

How to Enroll 
To become a member of our excellent medical cost sharing community, you may enroll with us here.

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