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15 Autumn Wellness Tips To Keep You Healthy This Fall 

By joining the Zion HealthShare community, you have already demonstrated that you care about your own health and that of your family.  We love these wellness tips from and would like to pass them along as we approach another season and the colder months ahead:   Start taking a Vitamin D supplement. We get most …

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The Importance of Self-Care   

Why is it so hard for us to take time for ourselves?  Life can be challenging as we juggle work, family, or other responsibilities.  Putting self-care on the back burner is a big reason why we may feel overwhelmed, run down, stressed, or even burned out — And going through a pandemic did not make things any easier!  When we don’t take care of ourselves, we are not equipped to deal with the pressures of life, or even have the energy to take care of others.    

Utilizing Your Preventive Services  

As a member of Zion Health, you may be eligible for a number of preventive services to promote a healthy lifestyle. They are provided automatically with a Direct membership, and Essential members can select them as an optional add-on service.   In addition to eating healthy and getting enough exercise, we know it’s a great idea to periodically check in with your doctor or specialist.  What’s great is that you don’t need to pay your IUA to access these services, and in this article we will highlight what they are and how to access them.    Please also refer to our online Preventive Sharing Guide for additional details.  

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