DPC Spotlight: Peak Integrative Medicine

Located in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, Peak Integrative Medicine is focused on treating people, not just diseases. If you’re local to Pennsylvania, check them out!

See how their doctors answer the DPC affiliate questions below to learn more about Peak Integrative Medicine. 

What is your mission as a DPC? What made you decide to become a DPC provider?

Our community is primarily served by large corporate and hospital-owned insurance-based health systems. That may be good for 80% of the local population, but many fall between the cracks and need something more than the standard protocols. We created this practice with an emphasis on using the right interventions to help these people. Specifically, that means the proper mix of lifestyle and functional medicine, chiropractic care, health coaching, and good old-fashioned medicine.

How long have you been practicing as a DPC?

Less than a year, but the team has a combined experience of 60 + years.

What is the best part about being a DPC?

The best part about being a DPC is not letting insurance coverage dictate care and being able to offer care at a more affordable cost through our membership vs. fee for service. The DPC model allows us to focus all of our efforts on patient care vs. trying to recoup money from insurance companies.

What makes your DPC practice different/special?

Every member has the opportunity to participate in our Functional Wellness Program and have access to chiropractic care at no additional cost. Members are able to receive diet plans and health coaching on a monthly basis, as well as 12 chiropractic visits per year for muscle and joint-related pain and injuries. We’re as close to a one-stop shop as you can get in health care.

What is the number-one way you are improving healthcare for your patients?

Giving them hope and giving them the ability to take control of their health. Many of our members have previously been told that all of their tests (bloodwork, etc.) are “normal” and/or there is nothing they can really do about their health issues. Most suffer from IBS, fatigue, brain fog, and autoimmunity… and we have strategies to involve our members in their treatment plans so that they can do something about it.

How has pairing DPC and Zion HealthShare improved your patient’s healthcare?

It’s a great combination… Zion HealthShare may share in the big bad, ugly stuff… major injuries, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc. And we take care of much of the rest in our practice… physicals, chiropractic care, health coaching, sick visits, etc. Many of our members are able to switch from insurance, pay for both our membership and Zion HealthShare, and still save thousands per year.

What has been your experience partnering with Zion HealthShare so far?

Zion HealthShare has been great to work with. Easy registration. Clear and responsive communications.

Thank you!

We want to thank Peak Integrative Medicine for its focus on treating the whole person instead of focusing solely on the illness or symptom. Click here to learn more about Peak Integrative Medicine.

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