Additional Services

In addition to medical cost sharing, Zion HealthShare offers a wide range of services including Teladoc, Rx Sharing, Preventive Services, and LifeWorks.

Additional Services

In addition to medical cost sharing, Zion HealthShare offers a wide range of services including Teladoc, Rx Sharing, Preventive Services, and LifeWorks.

Effective January 1, 2024, Zion HealthShare will no longer be offering Optum Rx. Instead, Zion HealthShare will be offering Zion RxShare powered by Rx Valet. We will make this transition as smooth as possible. All members who currently have Optum Rx through Zion HealthShare will be receiving an email regarding the transition with instructions on creating their new Zion RxShare account. For any questions or concerns, please call Member Care at (888) 920-9466

Preventive Care

Annual provider visits and other preventive services are available to you without the need to meet your IUA. Learn More

Mental Health

Zion HealthShare has partnered with LifeWorks to offer mental health resources and acute counseling to our members. LifeWorks can be added to any membership. Learn More


Unlimited virtual visits 24/7 with no consultation fee. Skip the wait at the doctor’s office and get care from home. Learn More

Prescription Sharing

Access to discounted prescriptions from any pharmacy through Optum Rx. Learn More

Preventive Sharing

Preventive sharing is made to help share in the costs of standard screening services. Preventive sharing helps you stay on top of your health with yearly office check-ups and early-detection procedures. For additional details, see our Preventive Sharing Guide.

One annual provider visit per member at no additional cost.

One preventive, annual mammogram at no additional cost beginning at age 40. Mammograms are shareable after six months of continuous membership.

Youth immunizations (up to 18 years old) are shareable after six months of continuous membership or upon birth if born through an eligible Maternity Sharing Request.

Colonoscopies are shareable every 10 years starting at age 45. Colonoscopies are shareable after six months of continuous membership.


Teladoc provides members with 24/7 access to board-certified doctors to get dedicated, personalized support by phone or video chat — And through Zion HealthShare, regular Teladoc visits are free! Services include offering medical advice, writing prescriptions, and sharing results instantly with a primary care physician.

Members can use it without leaving home for such non-emergency medical conditions as cold & flu, sinus infections, allergies and more. After becoming a new member of Zion HealthShare, register for this service 24-48 hours after signing up simply by following this registration link. Note that first-time registration must be done through the primary household member. Other members can be added through the primary member’s account.

Unlimited consultations
$0 regular visits
$85 dermatology visits
Teladoc provider can prescribe some medications

Accessing Teledoc

Once members have registered for Teladoc, there are multiple ways of accessing their services: You can login online and follow the “Get Started” link. You can call 1-800-TELADOC. Lastly, you can download the app (preferred). Simply search for “Teledoc” on the Apple App Store or one Google Play.

Mental Health Support With LifeWorks

LifeWorks is a mental wellness program that shares expenses related to counseling services without the need to meet your IUA. With LifeWorks, wellbeing resources are available 24/7 via phone, web, or mobile app. Members also have the option to meet with therapists virtually or to set up in-person sessions with local mental health professionals.

Clinically appropriate number of sessions allocated for acute therapy needs.
No session fees.
Phone, online, and in-person sessions available.
Custom treatment plans to fit your needs.

Rx Share

Rx Share helps cover the cost of prescriptions. Prescriptions for medication(s) that are both billed by a provider and related to an eligible sharing request are considered shareable and can take advantage of the Rx Share program. Through OptumRx, Zion HealthShare members can receive discounts on their prescriptions. Additionally, Rx Share gives members access to many generic prescriptions for as low as $5. Rx Share is automatically included with Zion HealthShare Direct Memberships and is available as an additional feature to the Zion HealthShare Essential Membership.

$5 low-cost generic prescriptions

$15 generic prescriptions

Discounted rate on all other prescriptions

View costs and order prescriptions from home at

90-Day Supply

With Rx Share, you can now save trips to the pharmacy and order a 3-month supply of your prescriptions at no extra charge. Low-cost generic prescriptions are $15 for a 90-day supply, and generic prescriptions are $45 for a 90-day supply.

Prescription ID Card

When ordering or picking up your prescriptions, please provide the information on this card along with the member number listed on your Zion HealthShare ID Card.

OptumRx Online

Through the OptumRx website, you can view costs and order prescriptions from the comfort of your own home. Visit to register and login to your account. To register, use the member number on your Zion Health ID card. If you have trouble logging into your OptumRx account, please call 1-800-356-3477 for assistance.

OptumRx Formulary

A formulary is a list of prescribed medications or other pharmacy care products, services or supplies chosen for their safety, cost, and effectiveness.
2023 OptumRx Formulary

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