Become A DPC Affiliate

As a Direct Primary Care practice, you’re striving to improve healthcare, and we want to support you in that effort. We’ve made it simple for our DPC Affiliates to offer Zion HealthShare to their members. Join us as a DPC Affiliate, and let’s work together to grow.

Become A DPC Affiliate With Zion HealthShare In 3 Easy Steps

1. Submit Form

Fill out our quick Affiliate application form to get started and schedule your orientation meeting.

2. Orientation

Speak with an account manager to learn more about becoming a DPC Affiliate.

3. Sign Agreement

Determine which of Zion HealthShare’s affiliate types best fits the needs of your practice.

DPC Affiliate Options

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to offer Zion HealthShare to your patients. That’s why we have two DPC Affiliate options so that you can offer Zion HealthShare your way. No matter your choice, we offer full DPC support, training, co-branded materials, and informational spotlights on your practice. Our different enrollment tiers also give you added benefits for bringing new members to Zion HealthShare while offering your patients a cost-effective solution to their healthcare needs.

Ready to learn more?

What We Offer

Exclusive Rates

Exclusive rates for your members save them an average of 40-60%.


Educational resources for you and your members.

DPC Locator

A place on our DPC map so Zion HealthShare members can find your practice… coming soon.

Hint Integration

Hint integration for member management.

Marketing Spotlights

Cobranded marketing materials and web content specific to your DPC practice.

Account Manager

Full support from your Account Manager including weekly webinars and training.

Affiliate Link

A unique affiliate link to enroll your members.

Blog Features

Blog features and guest blog spots to feature your DPC.

The views and opinions expressed by our affiliates are their own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy and/or position of Zion HealthShare, its members, employees, or the likewise. Any content provided by our affiliates is their opinion and is not intended to represent the views and/or opinions of Zion HealthShare. Zion HealthShare is not responsible for any error or omission of information from affiliates regarding the membership program.

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