Maternity and Pregnancy: What Expecting Parents Need to Know About Zion HealthShare

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Anticipating the arrival of a child is a joyous and transformative experience, accompanied by a myriad of decisions, including how to manage healthcare expenses during pregnancy and childbirth. While health insurance options exist, some families are turning to alternative solutions such as: medical cost sharing programs like Zion HealthShare, to navigate maternity and pregnancy needs. In this blog post, we will delve into what expecting parents need to understand about Zion HealthShare’s approach to maternity and pregnancy care, and how it offers a supportive and cost-effective solution during this exciting stage of life. 

Shareable Maternity Care:

Understanding what is shareable during the maternity journey is essential. Zion HealthShare provides a range of shareable services for expecting parents, including prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care. These include routine office visits, lab work, fetal non-stress tests, standard ultrasounds (up to three, unless unexpected complications arise), and prescribed STD/STI screenings as part of routine prenatal care.

During the delivery phase, a variety of services may be eligible for sharing, including, labor and delivery, cesarean sections, care for multiple births, hospital labor and delivery, hospital room and board, anesthesiologist services, legally practicing midwives, home births, birthing center support, charges related to unexpected complications for the mother, and even routine immunizations, lab work, and hearing tests for the newborn, provided they occur within 30 days of delivery and prior to discharge from the hospital. In the postnatal phase, shareable services include the mother’s six-week postpartum checkup with a pap test and a two-week cesarean post-op appointment.

Waiting Period:

It’s important to note that if conception occurs prior to membership start date, the pregnancy will be considered as existing prior to membership and therefore not shareable. The conception date will be confirmed by medical records, and members should refrain from purposely misrepresenting their conception dates to avoid membership revocation.

Newborns who are not born in connection with an eligible maternity sharing request may be added to a household membership by submitting a membership application to Zion HealthShare. The newborn’s membership start date can be no sooner than seven days after delivery. Any complications that the newborn may have or any medical conditions present at birth will be considered pre-membership medical conditions.

Financial Responsibility and Maternity Sharing Request:

As with any other sharing request, expectant mothers pay a single Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) for all expenses related to their maternity sharing request. Shareable expenses may be related to miscarriage, prenatal care, postnatal care, and delivery. Zion HealthShare requires that expectant mothers open their maternity sharing request as soon as conception confirmation but no later than six (6) months or the request may not be shareable.

No Network Limitations:

Unlike insurance plans with constraints on healthcare provider choices, Zion HealthShare allows flexibility in selecting doctors, specialists, and facilities that align with the members preferences and needs. This flexibility proves valuable during pregnancy, affording the freedom to choose healthcare professionals who support our members’ unique journey.

Dedicated Maternity Support Team:

We understand that navigating pregnancy and maternity care can be overwhelming, filled with decisions and the need for clear, supportive guidance. That’s why we have a specialized team focused on assisting members during this significant life stage. Some examples of the support members can expect from the Maternity Support Team are: 

Comprehensive Assistance with Medical Bills:

The Maternity Support Team is readily available to assist members with submitting medical bills related to their maternity care. Navigating the process of submitting medical bills can be complex, but this team simplifies the process, ensuring that bills are handled efficiently and accurately. This assistance helps alleviate the burden of managing medical expenses during a time when the focus should be on the health and the well-being of your growing family.

Tips for Requesting an Itemized Bill:

The Maternity Support Team is equipped to guide members on requesting an itemized bill, an essential tool to comprehend the breakdown of charges and services. When requesting an itemized bill, consider the following tips:

Be Specific: Clearly state that you are requesting an itemized bill and specify the period or event, such as prenatal visits or the delivery itself.

Review Thoroughly: Once the itemized bill is received, review it carefully to ensure accuracy and understand each charge and service.

Question Discrepancies: If any discrepancies or questions about the charges arise, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Maternity Support Team at Zion HealthShare for clarification and assistance.

As you step into the exciting journey of pregnancy and parenthood, it’s crucial to explore all available avenues for managing healthcare expenses. We offer expecting parents a comprehensive and community-driven approach to maternity and pregnancy care. Through medical cost sharing, extensive care options, and provider flexibility, Zion HealthShare can present a reassuring and cost-effective solution for your growing family’s healthcare needs. By aligning with a program that resonates with your values and priorities, you can concentrate on cherishing every moment of this special chapter in your life.

Ready to explore your options? Make an informed choice for a brighter and healthier future for you and your growing family. For more information, be sure to check out Zion HealthShare’s Maternity Guide. 

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