DPC Spotlight: 7Health

7Health, a Zion HealthShare affiliate, has been practicing direct primary care in Texas since 2008. They offer signature $7 services, as well as same-day appointments, specialist discounts, and other features that add to their holistic healthcare approach. If you are a local to Fresco or Anna, Texas, check out their clinics!

To learn more about 7Health, see how Scott Hastings, DO, answered the DPC affiliate questions below.

What is your mission as a DPC?

I have made it my life’s work to bring quality, affordable healthcare to all Americans.

What made you decide to become a DPC provider?

In 7Health’s early days of practice, we noticed the skyrocketing cost for patients to see a doctor, which resulted in the doctor-patient relationship being strangled by rushed appointments, increased paperwork, and long waits. This is why we adopted a revolutionary business model in 2008 where patients have unlimited access to their doctor by paying a monthly subscription. By eliminating the insurance middle-man, patients receive unprecedented quality care and more time with their doctor – all at a fraction of the cost.

What is the best part about being a DPC?

Definitely the autonomy. We get to make decisions for our patient’s care outside of the health insurance matrix, and without needing to wait for approval. Our patients get better care more quickly as a result of our model of care.

What makes your DPC practice special?

We believe our model is one of the simplest approaches to Direct Primary Care, simple enough that other non-DPC doctors could adopt it! We also combine Western medicine with evidence-based holistic practices to help improve health outcomes for all patients.

What is the number-one way you are improving healthcare for your patients?

In these days of Covid, we are doing what we can to keep patients healthy and safe. That’s been a main goal lately.

How has paring DPC and Zion HealthShare improved your patient’s healthcare?

We find that our patients have more peace of mind knowing that they have someone who has their back if they need health sharing for big medical issues in the future.

What has been your experience partnering with Zion HealthShare so far?

We have been very impressed with Zion HealthShare’s health-sharing model and the nimbleness of its [sharing] process.

Thank you!

Zion HealthShare is honored to collaborate with 7Health and support its wellness initiatives. Their proactive approach aligns perfectly with our vision of transforming healthcare through innovative solutions. To learn more about 7Health, visit their website at www.7health.com. Join us in celebrating their dedication to affordable and compassionate care.

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