Spotlight on CompassDirect Healthcare: A Closer Look at Direct Primary Care

CompassDirect Healthcare is a Direct Primary Care provider in Ellensburg, Washington, and is an affiliate of Zion HealthShare. Visit their website to learn more.

To learn more about CompassDirect, see how they answered the DPC affiliate questions below.

What is your mission as a DPC?

To achieve the quadruple aim in medicine: enhance the patient’s experience of their healthcare, reduce healthcare costs, improve the health of the patient, and improve the work life of healthcare providers.

What made you decide to become a DPC provider?

Providing high-value medicine was no longer financially or emotionally sustainable in the traditional healthcare model.

What is the best part about being a DPC?

Returning the JOY of medicine back to the patient and the healthcare team.

What makes your DPC practice special?

The scope of primary care, including in-house X-rays, is available from a phenomenal staff.

What is the number-one way you are improving healthcare for your patients?

Giving patients peace of mind that they have timely access to their primary care provider and team.

How has paring DPC and Zion Health improved your patient’s healthcare?

It gives our most fiscally vulnerable families, especially those that are self-employed, a quality wrap-around healthcare plan.

What has been your experience partnering with Zion Health so far?

With the cost savings, I was instantaneously able to give my staff a 20% increase in pay, which they deserved.

Thank You

We want to thank CompassDirect for their commitment to providing comprehensive, affordable, and member-centric healthcare solutions is truly commendable. By shining a spotlight on CompassDirect Healthcare, we hope to bring awareness to the valuable resources they offer and assist individuals in making informed decisions about their healthcare needs. Thank you, CompassDirect Healthcare, for your dedication to transforming the healthcare landscape and empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being.

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